21st Century Ocean

Coastal zones are facing the concentration of the world population and the development of new activities - such as energetic exploitation, fishing and shipping industries - as well as the rise of sea level. Our strong trans-disciplinary scientific expertise in the field of marine sciences enables our research institutions to address various issues underlying processes governing the impact of global change upon the biodiversity and the biological resources of the Ocean.

Focus on ... Fluid mechanics equipments

The experimental facilities of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes’ Fluid mechanics laboratory are unique in France: the 750m² towing tank allows to tow models up to 8 m/s and create front waves up to 0.6m height while the wave tank (50m length, 30m wide and 5m depth) with its multiflap wavemaker allows to create 1m height multidirectional waves. It deals with typical problems of hydrodynamics applied to naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering: ship resistance, seakeeping, ship behavior in irregular seas, water waves and marine environment.

More info : www.ec-nantes.fr

Other driving forces

  • Storex and Mer programs