Agriculture, Agronomy and Food Sciences

The pedoclimatic conditions as well as the historical tradition of production in Pays de la Loire  and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades,. It enabled the region to become a leader in the specialized  field of plants.

Pays de la Loire bring together in a single geographical area large number of private enterprises, public research and higher education institutions, representing a major European force for the world of plants.


Focus on … QUASAV federative research structure

INRA, Agrocampus Ouest and University of Angers’ research teams are recognized for their major skills in the field of Biology and plants Ecology, in particular applied to seeds and horticulture. They joined their competencies around a common theme : the quality and health of plants.The QUASAV (QUAlité et SAnté du Végétal) federative research structure works in a perspective of sustainable development, by studying decisive processes for the health of plants and the quality of products arising from them.

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Other driving forces

  • SERENADE program
  • M-AN-IMAL and FOOD’INOV programs
  • Cap Aliment and CCTPA platforms
  • Valorial, West and Vegepolys clusters