Connectalent : attracting the world’s best researchers in Pays de la Loire

The Regional Council Pays de la Loire launches “Connectalent”, a call for unprecedented international projects. To attract the world’s best researchers and invite them to develop innovative and promising projects in the Pays de la Loire region.
“” aims to detect and then accompany them in their maturation of innovative projects, called “ground-breaking projects” and attract talents who are the initiators, whether researchers, R & D centres, private laboratories or institutions of higher education.
Materials, biotherapies, renewable marine energy, nutrition, … the fields covered by the call for projects are related to the clusters located on the territory. Areas in which the region is considered to already have a head start and intends to consolidate. Among these centres of excellence, include notably, Cyclotron Arronax, the IRT Jules Verne, Nantes Technocampus EMC2 at Nantes and the cluster Végépolys at Angers, … for its part, the University of Nantes,  with 70 laboratories and over 1,000 faculty members, is renowned for its research centre.
The Pays de la Loire region has the means to support 6-7 projects worth 20 to 30 million euros and support others in their quest for public/private funding.
Every scientist, company or institution is invited to respond by connecting directly to the dedicated web platform “” online as of Friday, March 22, 2013.
In brief:

  • The talents: the call for projects is open to international scientific leaders who come alone or with a team to promote a new research topic or accelerate the development of an existing thematic.
  • Research: the call for projects is open to large equipment, R&D centres, private laboratories of a critical size in France and internationally.
  • The nine domains: structural materials, Civil Engineering, Renewable Biotherapies-Regenerative Medicine, Vegetal, Food-Nutrition, Sea, Digital Human and Social Sciences.
  • Calendar: First project submission by June 2013, selection of first round by November 2013.

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