Living in Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire region

With its 450km of coastline, an international airport serving over 100 destinations worldwide and a direct high-speed train line connecting to Paris in less than 2 hours, the Pays de la Loire is a region that is open to the world.

World leader in yachting, it is also the 1st French region for certified quality products, horticultural productions and specialised plants, equestrian sector and furniture industry. The Pays de la Loire is the 2nd region in aeronautics, specialized plastics and fashion industry. With its 1400MW offshore wind turbine projects and the prototype of the largest offshore wind turbine in the world inaugurated in 2012, the region is also open to renewable marine energies.

Pays de la Loire region has over 140 laboratories, 3 technology parks along with Arronax, a cyclotron unique in the world in the field of medicine, in addition to the Technocampus EMC², the 1st European composites research and development centre.

With the river Loire crossing the region, of which more than 75km are listed by the UNESCO as World Heritage sites, the Pays de la Loire region can boast exceptional historical heritage as the Fontevraud Abbey which is the largest European monastic centre, and world-renowned sporting and cultural events: Le Mans 24-hour Race, the Vendée Globe, the Folle Journée de Nantes…

As the 4th tourist destination in France, Pays de la Loire region also attracts more than 18 million visitors every year.

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