European Research service

The European Research service offers to researchers a strong support to develop and reinforce their participation in the European research programmes (i.e. The seventh framework programme for research and development, FP7). It aims to encourage and to coordinate initiatives of all research groups in the region “Pays de la Loire” and to help them to reach recognition and legibility on a European scale.

Missions of the European Research service of the University Nantes Angers Le Mans (L’UNAM) benefits from an already existing know-how of three separate Europe information centers dedicated to the research and based in the Universities of Angers, Nantes and Le Mans.
Missions of the European Research service have gradually been implemented since 2005 in partnership with the regional council of “Pays de la Loire” and the Ministry of higher education and research of France. On January 2011, the European research service ran the on-site center, sharing tasks and skills among them.



The European Research service of L’UNAM provides major research resources for the academic communities, including:

  • Monitoring European programmes and information through individual meetings as well as information sessions opened to all researchers. The service publishes a magazine, updates a website and sends e-mails to researchers
  • Detection of projects, evaluation of proposals with appropriateness to the call and lobbying activities in collaboration with National Contact Points (NCP)
  • Completing application forms (i.e. support for project engineering including financial and legal issues and reading of proposals  before submission)
  • Providing assistance during the negotiation process and the implementation phase of the projects funded by CE
  • Setting up a regional observatory of the European programmes participation


The sense of networking is particularly present in all the activities performed by the service. Indeed, the service is at the disposal of all L’UNAM members in order to facilitate researchers’ participation in FP7 projects, more specifically by assisting them in writing successful project proposals. The European Research service works with other inter-regional networks. One of them is about the health field and involves the University hospitals: the Clinical research and innovation inter-regional group (GIRCI). Based in the west part of the France, the GIRCI organization promotes scientific collaborations and expertises between six university hospitals in Angers, Brest, Nantes, Tours-Orléans and Poitiers as well as the West Cancer Institute. The coordination of the GIRCI European network is managed by the European Research service of L’UNAM. With every hospital, the members of the network act as a contact person whose role is to disseminate information on European funding opportunities in the field of clinical research. Their roles are also to advice and follow researchers all along the life of their project.

The European Research service is a team of five European projects advisors and three projects assistants (contacts). All of them are working to foster L’UNAM members participation in FP7 projects. More especially, mission of advisors is to help researchers, during individual meetings, to identify the suitable calls for proposal for their research topic. They assist them in the full development of their project ideas, according to the European rules of FP7 projects. The European Research service raises researcher’s awareness on the benefit of the involvement in a European research project. So the researchers receive all essential documents to prepare applications and they find help during the writing process over to meet the deadline for the proposal submission. Overall the objective is to relieve researchers of the pressure they can feel while preparing the proposal by advising them during the life cycle of the project.


Key features

The seventh framework programme for research and development (FP7) remains the main financing instrument for research and innovation. Since 2007, 469 proposals have been submitted and 132 projects have been financed under FP7 in several fields (e.g. Health, NMP, ICT, SSH, KBBE). Local researchers have taken part in collaborative projects in the framework of the specific programme Cooperation. 6 researchers have been laureate of the European research council (ERC). Others have succeeded to Marie Curie actions or in networking-building activities supported by COST action program (list of funded projects).



To enhance its visibility among the research actors in the region “Pays de la Loire”, the European Research service publishes a magazine called “Chercheurs européens” . Articles are written by all members of the service and aim at giving information on specific European research programmes as well as initiatives to support the research community. Each magazine gives  an interview of researcher who has succeed to FP7 and moreover, each issue includes a leaflet of about 12 pages about the coming calls for proposal of all programmes and their deadline.