L’UNAM ( 'L’Université Nantes Angers Le Mans) was created by the main members of research and higher education in the Pays de la Loire Region in order to pursue a concerted policy. This network comprises 11 founding members and 19 associate members.

The regional universities, engineering and business schools, as well as the university hospitals are brought together as establishments of higher learning of  widely different natures in education and research.

As a multidisciplinary regional Campus, L’UNAM guarantee for its members an attractive common future and greater international visibility. It implements the following missions:

Label and signature

  • Awarding the label ‘L’Université Nantes Angers Le Mans’ to doctoral degrees granted by accredited member establishments
  • Allowing all member research units to use the ‘L’Université Nantes Angers Le Mans’ signature for research and publications

Research and doctoral training

  • Developing and implementing a strategic action plan for joint research
  • Establishing a coordinated policy of acquisition and shared use of major research equipment
  • Dissemination, technology transfer and innovation
  • Coordinating management of doctoral training and monitoring of PhD students employability

International Outreach

  • Conducting joint research programs at the international level
  • Creating international Masters degrees and further broadening the international horizons of doctoral training

Student life, continuing education, scientific education and culture

  • Improving graduates’ career perspectives
  • Establishing coordinated documentation policies and pooling of digital documentation resources
  • Implementing and developing the regional virtual on-line university
  • Drawing up a preventive medicine policy
  • Defining consistent policies in terms of continuing education and validation of knowledge acquired through experience
  • Promoting scientific education and culture