General rule: The dissertation shall be written in French.
Joint dissertation supervision: the language in which the dissertation is written is defined by the convention agreed on between the contracting institutions. When this language is not French, the dissertation is completed with a substantial summary in French.

  • The dissertation is carried out by a foreign student who does not speak French
  • The dissertation is jointly supervised by a foreign researcher who does not speak French
  • The dissertation is carried out thanks to articles: the main corpus is made out of articles in the form of submitted and authorized preprints or published articles.

The exemption request, on a plain piece of paper, motivated and signed by the doctoral candidate and the dissertation supervisor, countersigned by the director of the doctoral school, is presented to the University Scientific Board upon the first dissertation registration.
In that case, the dissertation must contain a 30 page summary in French (including at least 100 000 characters, spaces included): this will allow a good assessment of the candidate scientific approach as well as his/her main results. The oral presentation will be carried out in French.