The doctoral candidate carries out his/her works under the control and the responsibility of his/her dissertation supervisor, his/her co-supervisors or potential assistant supervisors, within an accredited doctoral school and a commissioned research laboratory.
A dissertation shall be supervised by two or three supervisors at the same time. The dissertation supervisor has to be involved at least in 40 % of the work supervision, unless specified otherwise.
It is possible for the supervisor, co-supervisors or assistant supervisors to change in the course of the dissertation, especially if the supervisor, the co-supervisors or the assistant supervisors are transferred or if the dissertation subject is changed.
In that case, the corresponding form can be withdrawn from the registration office or can be downloaded, and then handed back after completion to the same registration office.
In order to supervise the dissertation progress and assess the student work, the doctoral candidate, once his/her registration is completed, gathers a dissertation committee, made up of his/her dissertation supervisor(s), the assistant supervisors and two researchers or research professors who do not have any direct research relations with the doctoral candidate and one of whom works outside the doctoral school.
The dissertation committee gathers at least once a year on the initiative of the doctoral candidate. The latter presents the results obtained during the year and the experiences he/she plans for the year to come. The gathering results in a discussion with the committee members.
Registration after the last year of the dissertation can only be renewed after written notice of the dissertation committee.