joint doctorates degrees

The board of examiners is designed by the legal authorities of the institution where the dissertation is to be defended.
The board of examiners is constituted of an equal representation from both institutions and in addition includes people from outside of these institutes.
The number of the members of the board of examiners cannot exceed 8.
The language in which the dissertation is written is defined by the two institutions involved.
When this language is not French, the thesis should be complemented by an extensive summary in French.
The agreement shall be constituted and signed by both universities, both dissertation supervisors and the doctoral candidate upon the first registration to the PhD and at the latest during the first year of registration:

  • The doctoral candidate must be registered in each institution involved in the joint dissertation agreement. He/she shall pay the registration fees in the chosen institution and shall not pay them in The other;
  • The doctoral candidate must carry out his/her research in each country involved and then alternates between his/her place of work (at least 30% of the whole dissertation preparation shall take place in one country) ;
  • The doctoral candidate carries out his works under the supervision and the responsibility of a dissertation supervisor in each of the countries involved;
  • The language used both in the dissertation and during the defense is specified in the agreement. When French is not used, a substantial summary must be written in French;
  • The defense board of examiners must be harmoniously made up of scientific representatives of both countries. Both dissertation supervisors must take part of the board of examiners;
  • The dissertation leads to a unique defense recognized by each party involved. Each university then awards the PhD diploma to the new doctor.