Programs and courses

The doctoral candidates will follow at least 100 hours of classes, usually corresponding to 30 credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) during the three years of the dissertation (including at least 80 % during the first two years).
The following subjects are offered to doctoral candidates:

  • useful courses for their dissertation project and their career that will prepare them to their job as  researchers in the public sector, the industry and services and, more generally, to any job with the qualifications acquired during the doctoral program,
  • scientific and intellectual exchanges between peers,
  • a supporting system to integrate them into working life, both in public and private sectors.

Exceptionally and notably for joint dissertation supervisions and in case of any employment apart from the dissertation, the director of the doctoral college can exempt a doctoral candidate from following some or all the classes during the current year.
Credit equivalences can be granted for specific situations (work placements, seminars, conferences or international congresses, research trainings in the scope of collaborations with research teams in France or abroad, "Français langue étrangère" (French as a Foreign Language) courses, …).
In order to ask for these equivalences, the doctoral candidate has to register to the corresponding module and provide the director (or assistant directors) of the corresponding doctoral College with the required documents.