Registration Procedures

Registration procedures differ according to whether the institution at which the foreign student wishes to register is a university, one of the "Grandes Ecoles" or a specialized school, and according to the degree he/she already holds and the level at which he/she wishes to pursue a course of study.


Applying from within a European Union member country

European citizen candidates can apply for admission directly to the institution(s) of interest. Non EU citizen will also have to apply for a student visa at the French consulate in their country of residence (and do not need to return to their home country).


Applying from within a non-European Union member country

Candidates must open a personal account on the website of the CampusFrance office in their country of residence and follow the paperless procedure enabling them to submit applications for admission and to dialog with the staff of the CampusFrance office in their country and with representatives of the institutions of interest.

If the procedure does not exist in their country of residence, they have to follow the procedure indicated on website of the institution concerned.

A foreign student wishing to register should find out about possible courses and the relevant registration procedures by contacting the Espace Campusfrance in his/her own country. More info:


Tuition fees

Tuition fees shall differ according to the institution the foreign student wishes to register to. Annual tuition rates in public institutions are set by law. Additional fees may be assessed for specific services. Tuition rates at private institutions are generally higher (from €3,000 to €10,000 annually).