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Health and Social Security

Student social Security

The French health system includes a basic health insurance (Social Security: Sécurité Sociale) which is mandatory, and an extra, optional health insurance. Upon registering to a higher educational institution, affiliation to the student Social Security is mandatory.



  • You are a citizen from the European Union or the European Economic Space: prior to your arrival in France, request a European health insurance card from your social security center. It proves that you have a social security coverage in your country. In this case, you will not have to be affiliated to Social Security in France.
  • You come from Quebec: Prior to your departure, pick up the SE 401 Q102 bis form (or SE 401 Q106 if you participate in an exchange program between universities) that proves that you have Social Security coverage in Quebec. In this case, you will not have to be affiliated to student Social Security in France.
  • You have a scholarship from the French Government: you do not have to pay for the annual Social Security fee. You automatically have Social Security coverage.
  • You are going to study in France for less than three months: you may be affiliated to the students Social Security but this is not mandatory. If you already have Social Security coverage in your country, you can be refunded by your insurance.
  • You are more than 28 years old and you are not a citizen from a European Union Country: you cannot be affiliated to the Social Security. You must take out a private insurance or, if your income is low and if you’ve been living in France for more than three months, you can apply for the CMU (Universal Health Coverage). Registration at the CMU is made at the CPAM (Health Insurance Offices) of the city where you live.


Extra sickness insurance

Sometimes called “mutuelle”, it covers the 30% that are not refunded by Social Security. It is recommended to take out one of these insurances. To be entitled to it, you must pay an additional fee. You can take out an extra sickness insurance together with the student Social Security upon registration at university or by going directly to LMDE and SMEREP agencies.